Biotechnology Consulting-Due Diligence/R&D

Due Diligence:

Our extensive experience in due diligence and business analysis enables us to offer sound advice for organizations contemplating investments, strategic partnerships, mergers and acquisitions or enhancing internal effectiveness in an existing business.

Our previous experience of due diligence of compounds and devices for possible in-licensing and assessment of companies for potential partnership or acquisition and merger has included Millenium, Acorda, NeuroSearch, Idun, CeNeS, ReNeuron, Mitsubishi, Takeda Chemicals, Santen, Schering AG Berlin, Aventis, Teva, Lilly, BMS, Astra Zeneca, Forest, Purdue, Ipsen Ltd, Medicinova, SchwarzBioscience, Ionix. Recently, we completed major due diligence and strategic reports on (i) N-acetyl cysteine analogs for the adjunct treatment of psychotic disorders for the Mental Health Research Institute (Victoria, Australia), (ii) the potential medicinal uses of cannabinoids for a Biotech company in the Republic of Kazakhstan, and (iii) a neuropsychophysiological diagnostic device developed by Neural Diagnostics (Australia).

We generate timely due diligence reports and business analyses that provide the basis for rational decision-making and negotiation processes. Strictly confidential, our reports provide an objective perspective that complements intrinsic company resources and can be used to facilitate/promote mergers and acquisitions.

Our due diligence services range from assessment and validation of therapeutic targets and drug and device development in compliance with FDA, EMA and TGA regulations to due diligence site visits. We are especially skilled in assessing feasibility and in identifying positive or negative aspects of drug efficacy (pharmacodynamics), SAR (structure-activity relationship), ADMET (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion/elimination, toxicity) and PK and TK (pharmacokinetics and toxicokinetics). Similarly, we are skilled in the assessment of the likely efficacy of neurophysiological and neuropsychological testing devices. In sum, we have a sound track record in providing robust advice regarding the likely outcome of drug and device development and the configuration of optimal, time-line based, strategic research and development paths.

Research and Development:

Our extensive experience in drug R&D with special reference to neuroactive and psychoactive drugs enables us to offer sound preclinical advice on GLP (good laboratory practice), identification of optimal therapeutic targets, SAR (structure-activity relationship) drug design, ADMET, PK and TK. In addition we are able to provide detailed advice on optimal in-vitro, ex-vivo and in-vivo (including behavioural) test models and data analysis. Our experience in the design of Phase 1 through Phase 3 RCTs and project management provides additional power and foresight in drug design and R&D.

As Chief Scientific Advisor to Biotech Daily we are appraised daily of drug R&D and the fortunes of biotechnology companies.

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